Man with the Plan

Posted: August 30, 2012 in Gaming, Industry, Technology, Work Related
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I’ve never been to a big LAN event before – the closet was when I was briefly part of my University’s gaming society, and we all brought our PC’s into uni this one time and just had a gaming session on Warcraft III or something.

It’s not that I was against them… before the meteoric rise of Broadband, I never had a decent gaming PC, and then when I did I generally just played MMO’s online… the whole LAN thing really skipped me by. PC gaming was a solitary hobby for me – not many of my friends were that much into it (Again, mainly owing to the lack of a decent rig), we mainly LAN’d with consoles, if at all.

Was an interesting experience then going to the Insomnia even in Telford (UK), which is basically a massive LAN event with competitions and some exhibitions. Insomnia is hardly GamesCom… there wasn’t that any people there and even the ones that were spent most of the time in the two gaming halls, which was a site to behold. Rows upon rows of computers, across two rather large halls… it certainly got a bit warm in there, I’ll tell you that. It was also amusing to watch the poor service staff wonder by every now and then with crates of food and beer.

Funny thing was, I wasn’t actually at Insomnia to participate in all the LANing, I was there to try my hand at being a PR. I say PR… I helped out on a booth the whole time and game demonstrations… not the proper PR that PR’s do. It was still an interesting experience… ever since I went Freelance all those months ago, I’ve been helping this guy out who’s created this nifty little gaming app. It’s called GamePlan, and it’s basically a platform for people to download game maps into, and then draw and edit on them to come up with tactics and strategies to help them when they play games online. I can give you the full demonstration if you want, or you could just go to the official website to check it out. There’s a free version and a premium version, and it’s really worth checking out if you have a group of people you play online games with, PC or Console.

Here are some snaps I took with my phone:

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Oh, I never told you guys how Cologne was, did I? It was fun.

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