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Go, obligatory New Year’s Post!

Bust seriously, It’s been an interesting year all round – moved house again (new place is awesome), got nominated for a GMA, and experienced one of the biggest lows I’ve experienced since I started this job. Not in terms of what’s been happening, but only in terms of income. My fellow self-employed freelancers will know the importance of regular work and invoicing etc… And sad to say the past couple of months haven’t been great for me, which leads me to my one and only resolution for 2013: Earn moar money.

Obviously, that means I just need to buck up my ideas and start trying to get more freelance work in more places. But I also have to be realistic – I’ve been doing this for nearly five years now, and I’ve always known that unless I was incredibly lucky and found one of the few well paying, full-time niches that this industry possesses, I’d have to move on. I’ve known many a journalist who have gone over to PR in the past few years, and 2013 could well be when I make the same move. I’ve had a good run, I’ve had my fun, but considering I do want to settle down and do the whole family thing I have to be earning the money to support that. If that means moving to Videogames PR (if possible) then so be it. It’s a decision I’ll be making straight away though. The tenancy on my current flat will run out in June: at that point, if things haven’t improved, I’ll be jumping ship.

Even though 2012 has had its ups and downs for me, it’s been a great year for gaming, especially PC gaming. For a couple years PC games have kind of fallen by the wayside, with only the niche sectors really keepings strong, but 2012 has seen a lot more excellent PC games come out of the woodwork – Minecraft has gotten better, and been brought to consoles. Crusaders Kings II, Planetside 2, DayZ, XCOM (which proved a tactical-strategy game CAN work on the console as well)… it’s clear that the console market needs new hardware, but at the very least the first and third party publishers have been trying to make the best of what they have. Meanwhile, PC gaming is still going strong, with Free-to-play and the indie scene throwing out some really interesting titles, I personally can’t wait to see what else is on the way.

I’ll leave it there for the moment, but I want to just wish everyone a happy new year, and here’s to 2013!