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So, I’m halfway through my book. Ish. I think. It’s hard to tell really – I’m told the average fiction novel is around 90,000 words, and I’m at 41/42k at the moment. So I’m halfway from that average, but in terms of what I’ve actually done, I’ve got a whole ‘third’ of the book nailed down (working with three parts at the moment), with the rest still very much WIP. Still I’m running into a bit of a problem when it comes to writing some of these other sections. It’s mostly writers block derived from the fact that I haven’t properly mapped these segments of the book, but the plainest way I can sum up problem is the fact that I’ve written all the ‘good’ bits.

When I first came up with the idea for my book, there were several key set-pieces and scenes I envisioned which summed up the main plot points. Granted, these scenes went over a lot of revision (I’ll have to talk about how the book looked at the beginning vs. how it looks now at some point), but I was still mainly working with the same handful of scenes to begin with. Now they are written, I’m basically filling in the blanks, and It’s kind of boring. Probably my fault for not thinking of something more interesting to put in these scenes – I can work on it I guess as there’s still a lot to do.

Another problem I have though is that If I think out a scene TOO much in my head, I know what’s going to happen already as I write it, and that saps me of my will to get it on the page.

It’ll all work out hopefully. The way I write means I’m often hopping forwards and backwards along an article or document, and then as the blanks get filled in I then re-write bits so they stitch together easily. Main thing though is to bash out that first draft, then I can relax a bit and get to the real work.