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I’m rather chuffed with myself I have to say -I completed Darksiders over the weekend! Yay me!I think this is actually the first game in a long while that I’ve just sat down with the aim to complete a game, outside of the fact that I had it for review or whatever. I’m not much of completionist as you may have picked up on by now.

Story driven games like Darksiders pull me through the most, but then I’m liable to get bored if the game mechanics are too boring or grindy, which was in danger of happening here but the key difference I think is that I had a purpose. You may remember I was in Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago seeing the sequel, and in preparation for that I actually read up on the first game. Kind of spoiled the ending for myself, but it actually sounded like a decent, iconic moment for a videogame, and so as soon as I got back I bought it from (GAME were out of stock), and the sometime last week I think I started playing it – doing a couple of hours every night before marathoning it during the Easter Weekend to finish it off.

It’s weird – knowing the ending beforehand gave me an end goal, a reason to put up with the oddities, the repetitions, and the rushed plot devices that littered the game, and when I got to that scene I wanted to see (which I probably could have easily looked up on YouTube), I had a real sense of achievement. More so perhaps than if I didn’t know what was coming. It was definitely worth it, and I don’t mean to make Darksiders sounds rubbish, because it really isn’t. Other people I talked to said the first hour or so was really boring, and I could kind of see that but again I knew what the game was about, and I knew where I was headed so it was easier to bear – perhaps foreknowledge really isn’t such a bad thing after all.

It’s a shame really that the second game isn’t going to continue on from that ending – it’s very much a “Can’t wait to see what happens next” moment, but given that the first game was a tentative first step into a new IP, the second is going to expand on the universe and the lore more, and then probably bring it all together for the third game where they’ll continue on from there. Assuming THQ survives long enough to help Vigil get a third game.

It’s like I said in my preview though – parallel stories are a dangerous thing, and I hope it doesn’t prove to be too tenuous a link to the original game – but it does have to account for the time of the other three horseman whilst War was incarcerated for 100 years at the beginning of the game. One of the game’s leads mentioned to me in an interview that they’d gone into the first game very much with a sequel in mind, and you can see that with the amount of loose ends they leave.

I doubt I’ll pre-order it though – too much potential to disappoint right now for me to commit financially for it, plus I’d like to get it for review if possible, but being freelance now there are even less guarantees.

Hope you all enjoyed your Easter.


So, more ‘firsts’ have happened to me this past week – first time I’d fired an authentic WW2 sniper rifle (or any gun, for that matter), first time I’d been to Amsterdam, first time I’ve left it more than two weeks in-between posting… also, during the writing of this post, first time my new computer Blue Screen of Death’d on me, which is worrying but a problem for another time. It’s been a good week, overall – knackering as hell, but good.

It also bodes well for the fortunes of the site (I hope) –  the trip to Amsterdam were in the company of magazines and websites that I like to think off as ‘higher’ up the proverbial ladder. It’s not that healthy to think of one’s site in terms like that, but there are certain realities that many of my colleagues can understand – some sites, either by connections or raw “we’ve got more traffic than you”, get priority treatment over others. With everyone and their mum opening a videogames website, it’s expected, so it’s alright. Anyway, this marks the first time though we’ve been invited to a press preview overseas for a single game. It felt good, and it was a good trip – can’t really talk about what I saw or anything like that until Friday though, so perhaps I’ll do another blog post at the end of the week.

Typical me though – I managed to spend a whole three days in the centre of Amsterdam and not see anything that you’re supposed to see.

The trip to the place where guns are fired equally as interesting, although  we’re not actually allowed to talk about where we went for reasons of privacy and security, it’s basically some guys house but it’s a place where the Army and the Police force train as well, with only a few public days. Guess they don’t want the location going viral. Also can’t talk about what I saw there until Thursday, but it was some good stuff, brought back some memories. Anyway, they each gave us our own paper head to fire at, and we fired three rounds with two guns – a Springfield and a Mauser, and I managed to get a hit with all six (although the accuracy wasn’t amazing, but all technically ‘kill shots’, the dude told me). It was an odd experience – the guns were loud, even with noise cancelling headphones on, and evening standing in the room can be a bit jarring. Probably not something I’d want to do as a hobby, but it’s something I can say I’ve done.

On a completely unrelated note, I’m near the end of Mass Effect 3 (you can read my review here, will post more once I’m done), and I picked up Darksiders on the 360. Heard some good things about it, especially the ending so I want to experience it for myself. Also, finances are going to be a bit tight this month, so I’m going to have to batten down the hatches a bit I think… unless anyone fancies giving me some moneyz?