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And I’m back. Sorry about that – was struck by an odd case of writer’s block… didn’t really feel like talking about anything, and writing just for the sake of it doesn’t really get you anywhere. For my triumphant return though, I shall be talking about that most special of events – The Eurovision Song Contest!

I’ve been watching this yearly event for as long as I can remember… my mum probably introduced us to it, and some years we’d even throw a little party, sometimes with fancy dress… although not so much in recent years. I’m not sure what it is about it, to be honest – The voting process is long and can drag a bit, as well has being riddled with politics to the point where it’s ridiculous, but I’m mainly there for the music.

This year shows some promise though, for a couple of reasons: It’s in Germany, which is good because it’s been in Eastern Europe (with the odd break in Scandinavia) for a good few years now. This has inspired some Western European countries, like Italy, to make a comeback to the show. Up till now, the countries around Europe tended to vote in Blocks, which made it tough for anyone else to win. Don’t get me wrong, it will probably happen this year too, but last year’s result at proved at least that there were exceptions.

On top of that, our entry this year isn’t that bad either. It may be Blue, but as boy bands go, they’re not terrible, and it shows we’re starting to take everything a bit more seriously for once. If you want terrible, just go look at Ireland’s entry… who told them fielding Jedward would be a good idea!?

Anyway, just a short one today. I’ll try and get back into the swing of things, especially regarding gaming related posts but as I said, I don’t post just for the hell of it.

Oh, BTW, the first semi-final was on tonight, and there’s another one on Thursday. Grand Final is Saturday, as always.