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So when I was at a business booth today, I got given a massive tank. Alright? That happened. In my defence this was the first time meeting this particular team in person, and I didn’t want to see rude. Could this be construed as a bribe? Sure. That’s on me. I think we can work past this though – you just need to tell me how much tank is too much.

Seriously though… as kind of cool as getting swag is, you usually form a line in your head as to what’s acceptable. My line just got bowled over by the tank. I’m very easily swept up in the moment, I think. The PR guy – lovely man named Arthur – gave me the usual, more normal swag – T-shirt, asset disk, booklet etc… and then came back with a giant tank. Like I berk, I just sat there and went “yeah, ok then?”. I’ve no idea how I’m going to get it home.

I’m sure some of my colleagues are tutting at this already – but they have a point. T-shirts, posters… small stuff any reasonable journo can take with out feeling guilty, but this? I mean… it’s remote controlled! As pretentious as it sounds, I’m sure an ethics board would raise an eyebrow at this. I’m probably going to have to give it away as a prize… which presents the added problem (in addition to getting it home), of shipping it back out to whoever wins it. We’ve lost many a prize somewhere in Europe, including a limited edition Xbox.

Oh yeah, I’m in Cologne by the way. Hi. Most of my twitter friends will know this already, as they’re here for the same reason I am – the GamesCom Videogames Convention. Think of it like E3, just with more Germans. And PC actually has a presence. The show is gaining reputation year-by-year, and is even getting announcements now. You don’t always get new code – seeing as it’s barely two months after E3, but it’s respected now I think, at least on the PC side. PC gaming still doesn’t really have a presence at E3.

This is my fourth year in a row covering the convention. My first year, 2008, was the last year the show was in Leipzig in east Germany and I’d barely been doing this kind of thing for three, four months. Man, that seems like a long time ago… I even had a girlfriend back then. I’ve been covering the show by myself each year, but I think I’ll stop that now – going to get a plan together to take someone with me. Hopefully it’ll lighten the load and mean we can see more people.

Going to sign off for now, but I’ll post more about this over the weekend now that I can relax.

Epic Lie-In Time.