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In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. In DayZ, the guy with the gun is close to God and last night, I was the guy with the gun. Not that I liked using it mind… ammo is a premium and hard to find, and you’re just as likely to find ammo for a gun you don’t own then anything useful. So when I came across a small group of zombies I, feeling immortal, decided to put down my gun, take out my hatchet, and go chop me zombies.

It worked quite well, until the last one knocked me unconscious with a blow and slowly depleted my health until I was dead. And so DayZ imparted another lesson onto a man who would be king.

So, as you can probably tell, I’ve finally jumped on the DayZ bandwagon. I would have done it sooner but Steam took, like, forever, to do their discount on ArmA 2: Combined Operations. It was 20% off anyway, but you just knew they were going to do a further drop during one of their daily deals, and whilst DayZ was a quietly burning curiosity I didn’t care enough about the main game to drop £2o on it (sorry, Bohemia). But then it dropped to 40%, so I bought it, installed it, and then began my own adventure.

I could have blogged about my ‘first’ time in DayZ, but it was fairly unremarkable. I walked around a bit, I got eaten by the first zombie I came across, I learned and I moved on. If you’re going to jump into DayZ, make sure you do so with friends. It’s a punishing experience even at the best of times, but having friends with you to laugh and talk about things as you explore the confines of this particular ‘game’ (and whether or not it is really a game is a matter of some debate) just makes it that much easier. Who cares if you’ve died for the nth time in a row? Your mates are there to laugh with you (and at you) about it, and you always learn and move on.

Luck is a bit of a thing this game as well, at the end of my first day of playing DayZ, as my friends were all logging off the night; I decided to take refuge in a building on the outskirts of ‘Elektro’. I found two dead guys in there who looked like they’d only recently been killed (I’d heard a lot of gunfire just minutes before). They had a wealth of stuff on them, which I naturally took, and that basically set me up until my unfortunate encounter with the uber-zombie. Make no mistake, DayZ is infinitely easier with ‘stuff’, and it’s infinitely easier to take it off someone else than it is to scrounge it all yourself. There’s something oddly compelling about this game though, even when you die, and even when you die with a load of stuff.

Case and point: having been slayed by the zombie, I felt compelled to run back to that spot and get all my stuff back. And why not? I’d spend just as much time trying to scrounge just one piece of food or water, so might as well spend the time getting MY stuff back. I was only a little bit inland as well, and spawned relatively near as far as spawn points go, so I spent the next half hour following power lines, skirting around zombie infested settlements, and retracing my steps until I came across my prone and bloody (well, not really bloody) body on the ground. There was no sign of the zombie that felled me, so I simply took my stuff back, and into the trees, and decided to log off for the night and start anew the next day.

Then of course I remembered my water gauge was getting dangerously low, so I decided to log back in on a random server to take a drink, only to find that due to either a glitch or some kind of server incompatibility, I’d lost most of my stuff-

Wait, WHAT!?