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Couldn’t really think of anything worthwhile to blog about today. I went into London again to see another game, although I can’t talk about it until March 3rd. Still, saw several people that I hadn’t seen in a while, and after the presentation we all sat around and had a friendly drink and talked shop, amongst other things.

I think that part is my favourite but, just sitting around having a laugh.

From Friday until the following Wednesday, I’ll be in Shropshire on the annual February Holiday, which is something I’ll tell you about later. Basically, unless this place happens to have internet, don’t expect to hear from me until I’m back though. I’m sure you’ll all live.

I was hit by a wave of nostalgia the other day. Started looking up more anime OST’s (Original SoundTracks). I really might as well be an Otaku or something, the amount of J-Pop I listen to. Because, 90% of all anime OSTs are basically J-pop, bar a few notable exceptions. Go on, I dare you to listen to those and NOT be inspired to just go and do something awesome. Anyway enjoy the fruits of my labour:

The Opening Theme for Martian Successor Nadesico, one of the first animes I ever watched after  I learnt what anime actually was.

A random track from that very same show.

The Theme music from a fake anime-within-an-anime show that was meant to parody all of the classic 80’s anime.

The US theme music for Escaflowne. Never really watched it, but I always remembered this piece of music.

I know, I know. What little street cred I had has just been blown out of the water in a shower of giant robots and androgynous teenagers. I bet you all have quirky tastes as well.

Until next time.