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When I’m at my most self-critical, I’m well aware of how… human I am. I make mistakes, I don’t always get things right. Sometimes I take it in stride and try to carry on. Sometimes I hide and hope it goes away. I always (eventually) try to make amends and do right by anyone I’ve inconvenienced.

Been a bit of a rocky start to the year, in all honesty. End of year apathy caused me to delay starting some coverage I’d promised someone who’s always done right by us, but I delayed it to the point where my Editor told me it wasn’t worth doing anymore. In a separate instance, technical difficulties and then several other tings piling on at once meant that an interview transcript I’d promised someone else who’s always done right by us didn’t turn up.

The only way this could have been worse is if they’d both worked for the same company. Oh, wait…

Today, I realised I’d made yet another mistake. I’d assumed.

RIFT, a fantasy-MMO from American Company Trion Worlds, is due out within the next week or so I believed, and the early start period starts this evening. As I write this, I’m busy patching the client so I can get stuck in right away. I also went to an event earlier in London to get a brief glimpse of the game pre-launch. The problem is, I didn’t know much about RIFT. Despite being in development for, what three years at least? No one had really come forward to talk to us about it, and whilst I did keep getting invites to BETA sessions, since I didn’t know anything I just assumed it was something that could be de-prioritised.

But I was honestly impressed by what I saw today. So much so that I actually felt shamed in the fact that I hadn’t bothered jumping in before then. If I were to mount some kind of defence, in all fairness there hadn’t been much PR work on the game in the years previous, something they themselves pretty much admitted too. They didn’t want to fall prey to hype. But that’s no excuse – I’d had plenty of time opportunities to get involved and find out, but I chose not to take them. Never Again.

I’ll be reviewing this one myself, so keep an eye out on the site for coverage. I may even do some blogs here. It’s been a while since I reviewed a proper MMO properly. Unless you count APB. Which I don’t. *Shudders*


Today’s edition of Spotted doesn’t actually come with any links I’m afraid, and it’s more of a fore-shadow as I’m not even sure if it’s officially happened yet. Basically, I was asked by two separate PR peeps, for separate games, if they could quote my article for various promotional material. This is a first for me personally, so it’s a little bit exciting

Anyway, the first one was for Men of War: Assault Squad, from my preview:

“Forgive us if we seem to be foaming at the mouth – we honestly haven’t been this excited about a game in while.”

I’m actually downloading the review code for this now, so keep an eye on Strategy Informer for my review. Whilst that quote was a tad hyperbole, since playing the public beta the underlying sentiment has pretty much been proven. This IS an exciting game and I’m looking forward to getting to grips with the whole thing.

The other was from my review of Bulletstorm:

“this is an incredibly welcome breath of fresh air”

Not as hyperbolic, but equally as true. Bulletstorm is crazy fun, and an honest-to-god welcome break from all the military shooters we’ve been getting recently. Not that there’s anything wrong with those, but like a gentle breeze on a hot summers day, sometimes things like these are just a welcome and pleasant surprise. I honestly didn’t think I’d enjoy it as much as I did. We didn’t end up getting review code, but this is one game I may consider buying anyway.

Until next time…