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I watched Source Code over the weekend. It was good, I like films like that. Techno-thrillers come second only to actual sci-fi films for me, especially the more clever ones. Have to say, didn’t quite ‘get’ it as I have with previous reality-bending films: Their explanation as to what Source Code actually is was kind of rushed, and it doesn’t even make much sense*. Plus there lacked an air of… excitement, I suppose. I preferred Eagle Eye, that was a good Techno-thriller. Or Déjà-vu, which handled the whole time travel thing a lot better I think.

The best thing – I totally called who the bad guy was as soon as I saw him. Not for any actual reason, I just saw him and thought “I bet it’s that guy”, almost as joke. But then It turned out I was right so we’ll pretend I used some very clever deducing to figure it out.

* = To explain further, I got that Jake’s character was accessing an ‘alternate’ reality. I just don’t see how they allowed him to do that using the memory of a dead guy. Maybe I need to watch it again, but if all they were doing was allowing Gyllenhaal to re-live the same final eight minutes of the host’s life, then surely Gyllenhaal wouldn’t be able to affect anything – he’d have to experience things exactly as the ‘real’ Sean experienced things before he died. The two facts involved here – the fact that he was in an alternate reality and the fact that they had Sean’s last eight minutes, don’t really mesh well together. As I said, Déjà-vu handled the general concepts involved better but maybe I should watch it again.

It was nice that Gyllenhaal’s character got the happy ending and everything, but is no-one going to talk about the fact that he essentially ‘killed’ Sean and stole his life? I mean the dude was alive, and now even though Gyllenhaal saved everyone in the other reality, HE’S still ‘dead’ because Gyllenhaal has now stolen his body and mind and everything. Not to mention the fact that he knows nothing about Sean or his life. Good luck with the whole teaching History to kids thing, did the US Army have a module on that?

But yeah, good film.