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So, I’m back. Shropshire was a bit damp, but fun. Imagine spending a week with ten people you get along with really well, except you’re all bat-shit crazy. Teh lolz just kept on coming. These are all people my mum met in this volunteer community back when she was 18 – they all helped look after homeless people and the like, and I think that’s where she met Dad, but I can’t remember.

Anyway, they’ve all remained good friends pretty much, and every year they spend a week together in some random spot around the country – a week is all they can tolerate. A lot of walking and exploration done on these trips – didn’t do as much walking as I would have liked this year. Being the off-spring of a member of this group mean’t that pretty much from the beginning, me and my brother were regulars on this trip. Oddly enough, we’re the ONLY offspring to have emerged from this group, which is kind of funny.

I had this plan to do a ‘Milkshake Tour’ of Shropshire – last year, when we were up near York, we ended up having lunch at a lot of cafe’s. Since I love having cafe-milkshakes, I ended up having a quite a few over the course of the week, and as a little joke I ranked them in my head going from best to worst. This year I was going to do it more officially, with photographic evidence and write it all up here. Thought it might have been funny…

Unfortunately, due to a betrayal most fowl from my own mother, I didn’t actually get a chance to have any milkshakes for the first couple of days, which gave me plenty of time to think about how, really, it was a little bit silly and probably no one would be interested anyway. Considering also I was coming home early to work, I decided to leave it.

I did end up playing a lot of Crusaders Kings, one of Paradox’s early grand-strategy games with a The Sims-like twist. Since the sequel is coming out in early 2012, I thought I’d get some ‘research’ in and give it rigorous try out, so expect a blog post about that next.

Anyway, it’s business as usual now. Special shout outs go to the eight or so people who kept checking the blog daily – thanks!

Until Next time.