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I… What… The Wii? I mean… how… WHY!?

In all seriousness though, whilst this is not that… surprising an idea for a party videogame, I think the thing I’m most surprised about is that it’s a Wii party game. The Wii being the console that brought families and the typical non-gamer stereotypes into gaming and helped created that whole ‘casual gaming’ thing. Are Nintendo trying to widen their market? Change their image? I know this is being made by Ubisoft, but their portfolio is diverse enough to allow for an out-of-the-box game like this, but the big-wigs at Ninty would have had to have approved ‘We Dare’ (Interesting that it’s not Wii Dare), which is why I wonder what’s going on here.

I was a teenager once, I think, and I remember going through that phase where every party game had to have that touchy-feely twist to it if girls were involved. I imagine this is that in a videogame form. It will be interesting to see what their target market really is. I mean you’ve got ‘trendy’ (white) young adults in the trailer, someone on Twitter alleged that this game has been approved for ages 12 and up… I don’t see this being anything but a little weird until things are clearer.

I see this being oddly fascinating, in the way that things that try to push social boundaries and taboos tend to be, but yeah… I… Wow. I did not see this coming.

Until next time.

P.S. I’m told that this game is also coming to the PS Move, which makes a hell of a lot more sense. It also explains the lack of ‘Wii’ in the game’s title.